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Welcome Graphic #134


What is Poem?

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Hallo all!! Thanks for visiting this website.  This section will give an overview about poem, including the meaning of poem and the components of poem itself.

All of the notes contains in the next slides is taken from the book “Understanding the Literature”, written by Veronica M. Loo and Neera Sidhu. Hope it will give some useful information and idea about what is poem is all about.. HAPPY READING!

What is Short Story

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Now, let’s move to the next lesson.  This part will give brief overview about what is short story is all about. The explanation about the components of short story might be useful for better understanding in learning the short story “The Fruitcake Special” in the next lesson.

Lesson 1 – In The Midst Of Hardship

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 This poem is one of the poems included in the new literature syllabus for Form 4. This poem is quite interesting and suitable to be taught for Form 4 because it has many moral values which teachers can instill during the lesson.

The first lesson will explain about the meaning of each verses. HAPPY READING!

Lesson 2 – In The Midst Of Hardship

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The second lesson is about the message

& themes contains in the poem.


Lesson 3 – In The Midst Of Hardship

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The following notes will provide a brief explanation about the language and styles that the poet use in writing this poem. The example taken from the poem also will be included in order to give more understanding for the readers

Lesson 1- The Fruitcake Special

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Hallo readers! This section will  bring the introduction of the the short story “The Fruitcake Special”. This short story is also one of the short story included in new syllabus for Form 4. Do you want to know what is the story is all about? Come, let’s begin our journey exploring the next lesson!