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Test Yourself – In The Midst of Hardship

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Hye readers! Now it is the time to put on your thinking cap! Let’s try out the following interactive exercises and activities that constructed based on the poem “In The Midst of Hardship”. Please go through and revise the lessons provided for this poem before completing this activities!

ACTIVITY 1 : Filling Up the Empty Space

ACTIVITY 2 : Cross Word Puzzle

ACTIVITY 3: Find The Correct Partner For Them

ACTIVITY 4 : Rearrange The Lines

Sentence 1
Sentence 2
Sentence 3
Sentence 4
Sentence 5

ACTIVITY 5: Think & Choose the Correct Answer

ACTIVITY 6 : True of False? You Decide It!

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  1. nur ain tajudin

    hyee…bole saya tanya..awak berapa umur?
    nice to meet u 🙂

  2. i like your LETE’s CORNER
    it’s prefect 🙂


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