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Welcome Graphic #134


Lesson 1- The Fruitcake Special

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Hallo readers! This section will  bring the introduction of the the short story “The Fruitcake Special”. This short story is also one of the short story included in new syllabus for Form 4. Do you want to know what is the story is all about? Come, let’s begin our journey exploring the next lesson!


Lesson 2 -The Fruitcake Special

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After learn about the synopsis and the  plot of “The Fruitcake Special”, the following slides will explain about the characters and their characteristics in this short story. Each characters portrayed by the writer have their own roles which affect the flow of the story.

Lesson 3 – The Fruitcake Special

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Same as other short stories, this story also have its own moral values, which are important to be  emphasized by the teachers. The following lesson might be helpful for the teachers to plan their lesson about moral values of “The Fruitcake Special”.