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Lesson Plan For “In The Midst Of Hardship”

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Hye teachers! The following slides is the sample of lesson plan that might be helpful for you to design a literature lesson for the poem “In The Midst of Hardship”. All the activity constructed in the lesson is referring to the lessons and activities given in this site.

Therefore, it is advisable for you to go through the lesson and activities in order for you to match it with your students’ level of proficiency. Bear in your mind that this lesson required all the students to browse this site so make sure the computer have the internet access.


Lesson Plan for “The Fruitcake Special”

Hye teachers!

Now let us move to the next lesson plan, which is for the short story ¬†“The Fruitcake Special”. As the previous lesson ¬†plan, this lesson also is solely depend on the internet access in order to browse this site.

I am sure your students will enjoy this lesson as this short story itself is interesting! But, do not forget to guide your students when browsing this site in order to ensure they are doing the right activity.