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Lesson Plan for “The Fruitcake Special”

Hye teachers!

Now let us move to the next lesson plan, which is for the short story  “The Fruitcake Special”. As the previous lesson  plan, this lesson also is solely depend on the internet access in order to browse this site.

I am sure your students will enjoy this lesson as this short story itself is interesting! But, do not forget to guide your students when browsing this site in order to ensure they are doing the right activity.


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TESL E-Zone Malaysia is a platform for all ESL Teachers as well as TESL undergraduates to gather and share opinions and knowledge related to the field of English Language Teaching. This website is powered by TESL teachers and graduates who are keen in fully utilising the Internet as a tool to further enhance their professional development and cultivate collaborations in the teaching professions. ELT practitioners, TESL undergraduates and teacher trainees from across Malaysia are invited to contribute and promote sharing of knowledge here.

This portal can be accessed via

This education website is designed especially for Malaysian teachers and students to get notes and useful information about English syllabus, ranging from UPSR, PMR and SPM. With its tagline “Where English Comes Alive”, this website offers many interactive activities for the students to try it out which will make learning English becomes more enjoyable.

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This blog is administered by Rahimah Sayuti, an English teacher from Kluang, Johor. This blog is about the teaching and learning of English and continuous personal and professional development.

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This website is one of the education site that offers online tutor or notes, ranging from kindergarten children, until SPM students. The difference of this website compared to others is this site need the guidance and cooperation from the parents. This is because the parents need to do the online payment in order to subscribe to particular tutor offered in this site. This site also included several testimonial from the parents in order to prove the effectiveness of this program.

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This education website is an official website for Malaysia Ministry of Education, which offers a lot of useful information that relate to current issues happen in Malaysian education system.

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[7.0] Resources & References

Online Resources :

References Book :

  • Understanding Literature Series (ULS) by Veronica M.Loo and Renee Sidhu