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Teacher’s Guide for Lessons

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This lesson is designed to draw students’ attention and attraction to learn literature in more fun and interactive learning environment.

So teachers, how do you go about in Lite’s Corner? Basically, you can use this in one of your lesson plan activities where you explain the component of poem [In The Midst of Hardship] and short story [The Fruitcake Special] based on the notes provided.

Interactive activities for each lesson ranging from reading comprehension to crossword puzzle also have been prepared. So, you can test your students’ understanding right away by asking them to try out the exercises prepared using Hot Potatoes software.

A sample of lesson plans for poem ‘In The Midst of Hardship’ and short story ‘The Fruitcake Special’ has been prepared for your reference in the next post.

Hope you can get some input and idea to teach poem & short story after exploring this website.. My last word, enjoy your reading & have a g0od lesson plan for your students!